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One of our three objectives was to extend public awareness of the plight of the marine ecosystem. We have addressed this by means of this website, writing and publishing articles in magazines and giving interviews to radio, tv and newspapers with an ecological message.

Jocara Indian Ocean Quest was launched at a public relations event on 24 May 2004 and wrapped up at a public homecoming event on 30 August 2005, both of which were covered by local media.

We have published 7 articles in Asian Geographic, one in each issue for over a year, the RSYC club magazine and online. We have also had JIOQ articles published in the Straits Times' travel supplement, The New Paper, Streats and lifestyle magazines. In addition, we have appeared twice on a 90-minute interview programme called 'The Living Room' on 93.8 radio and on 'Passion People', another 93.8 radio programme.


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