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Dr. John Potter

John works at the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI, part of the National University of Singapore) as a Research Associate Professor. He is also an Associate Director of the TMSI. John’s training is in oceanography and underwater acoustics, and he has been researching biosonar and marine mammal acoustics for almost two decades. John founded and continues to Head the Acoustic Research Laboratory in the TMSI with projects on Acoustic Imaging (including an award-winning Acoustic Video Camera that uses only natural sound) Bottlenose Dolphins, Humpback Whales, remote sensing of coral reef health and other projects.

John is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer in addition to being certified for scientific diving by NAUII and CMAS. John has dived as a scientific research diver for NATO, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NUS.

John is also an International Fellow of the Explorer’s Club and has permission to carry the Explorer’s Club flag (#33) on this expedition.


Caroline Durville

Caroline has written a number of freelance articles for local magazines and environmental publications, illustrated by her own photographs. She is a qualified creative web designer (and author of this site). Caroline is also a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with additional CMAS certifications, able to lead and train divers in a variety of environments. Caroline has dived extensively as a scientific research diver, assisting the ARL and collaborators in Hawaii with marine research, including diving using semi-closed rebreather scuba equipment with singing Humpback whales in Maui. Caroline is now a registered undergraduate student with the University of London, working towards a BSc in Geography, specializing in the marine environment.


Casper Potter

Casper is 12 years’ old and already a certified Junior Open Water Scuba Diver and holds a Five Star Gold swimming certificate. Casper has an intense interest in the natural environment, specifically in animals and habitat. This interest often turns to how to catch, cook and then eat tasty offerings from the marine ecosystem. His natural artistic talent also lends itself to drawing and painting the living world around him. He has recently discovered the delights of cooking, particularly baking.



Alex Potter

Alex is 10 years’ old and is an adventurous child with a zest for exploring and discovery. He has a particularly penetrating voice and big mouth to go with it, probably inherited from his father. A strong swimmer and qualified dinghy sailor, he is being exposed to a kaleidoscope of experiences and in a unique position to see the world through the uncynical and naïve eyes of youth, bringing the fresh, open experience home to children by contact through the quest’s web pages and email.



Star & Cannelle

Star & Cannelle are two lovely Singaporean lady cats who enjoy living on the boat in the marina but are less enamoured of life under sail. They had no sailing experience whatsoever when we left and had to find their sea legs. They are most unimpressed by large waves, but at least Star approves of freshly caught fish. Cannelle prefers her fish marinated then smoked over a mesquite bar-b-que, served chilled.


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