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Visitors to Jocara

There are 8 Singapore schools involved with JIOQ, integrating material from our trip into their curriculum and doing Indian Ocean-based projects. One class from each of the 8 schools was invited to visit Jocara before we set off to learn more about the boat, meet the crew and get a sense of connection with the expedition and its members.

During our voyage we continue to have students visiting Jocara in various countries. We start with a tour on deck, showing the equipment and explaining about sailing. The tour then continues in the cockpit where all the navigational instruments are. Below-decks visitors get to see how we live on board and we usually show some of our educational movies.

Visitors to Jocara


The 8 schools are: Beatty Sec., Cedar Pri., Catholic High (Sec), Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Pri.y, Naval Base Sec., Peirce Sec., Ping Yi Sec. and Si Ling Pri..
Casper and Alex also had a sleepover exchange with students from Si Ling Primary.


2 and 3 November 2004
Club Mer kids

Club Mer is the marine education initiative organised by Shoals Rodrigues.

Tanga, Tanzania

1 February 2005
Tanga International School

This is a small school with only about 30 pupils of many different nationalities. Alex joined his new friend Nina's class for 2 weeks and loved it.

Tanga, Tanzania

2 February 2005
Popatlal School

This is a local secondary school in Tanga. The students that visited us all belonged to the school's 'interact' club, a group that helps the poor and the needy.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

14 February 2005
Kizimkazi village schools

We had groups from two local schools, one from each of the coastal villages in Kizimkazi where we were anchored. Even though these kids live right by the sea, some of them had never been on a boat and could not swim. Casper and Alex went to visit one school in Dimbani in return.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

19 February 2005
Dimbani school teachers

After the students returned from their Jocara visit so enthusiastically and Casper and Alex went to the Dimbani school, all the teachers wanted to see the boat too. They had many questions.

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