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This is a Bauer Oceanus dive compressor (supplied at discounted rate by Bauer in Singapore in partial sponsorship), mounted next to the The Watermaker Store (USA) generator and powered from the same Kubota engine via a belt and magnetic clutch that we can switch on when required.

There is a manual override in case the electromagnetic clutch fails. The belt tension is controlled by having the compressor on a sliding mounting plate that I can drive in and out towards the Kubota engine via a hand-operated screw.

The engineering work to mate these units was sponsored by our very creative and helpful Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore. The compressor draws its air via a large-bore snorkel from the cockpit (see the clear plastic hose in the middle of the photo). The high-pressure air is fed out via a long 5000 psi hose to the lazarette, just below where we keep the 6 dive tanks. This hose unfortunately blistered and so now we're using the original short hose that came with the compressor. We have to take the soundproofed side panels off anyway to keep the unit cool when running - pretty noisy!




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