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Well, if you count every microprocessor, we probably have dozens, right down to our Suunto watches. But we're talking the kind of computers that run applications like word processing and stuff. Even then, I am almost ashamed to admit that we have not just one, not even only two, but three computers.

Apple iMac

I love this machine! Its half-dome base sits happily on the chart table shelf, completely stable. Its crisp, flat screen, pivoted on a counter-balanced arm, is always floating directly in front of me, no need for a separate stand or desk space to support it. This is our primary machine for website development (Dreamweaver) photos (iPhoto and Photoshop), movie creation (iMovie), DVD burning (iDVD) and digital music (iTunes with iPods).

All the applications are either seamlessly embedded in the operating system (OSX) or work beautifully with it; no hangups, no blue screens of death. AND, no viruses! Despite its small size, with this machine we can easily stream digital video (captured in full resolution) without additional hardware and have it on a CD-ROM or DVD in mpeg, quicktime or avi format in minutes.

Apple Titanium G4 Laptop

This is my work machine. Very thin, beautifully ergonomic but maybe overpriced (like many Apple products?). It has all my work stuff on it and provides a backup for the iMac in case of disaster. It's a little outdated now, but it's an old friend. It also has airport extreme, so it can network wirelessly with our iMac from anywhere on Jocara.

Toshiba Satellite Pentium PC (Bohemian Rhapsody)

This is a Windows XP machine, very large, heavy, with a huge bright screen and nicknamed the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' because of its over-the-top deep red colour, sensual curves and built-in luxuries (Harmon Kardon speakers, for goodness sake!). We use it because there's a lot of software out there that doesn't support Apple OSX. We use the Bohemian Rhapsody to operate our Radio email (Sailmail) client program (Airmail) and to view our electronic C-map charts. Casper and Alex also love it to play their favourite computer games and to watch movies. It is a very fast machine, with a fabulous screen, but oh my, how I hate Windows!





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