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The Sails are maybe the simple most important system on the boat, she is a sailboat after all!

Jocara can set three sails at any one time; the Mainsail, Genoa and a Staysail.

The main was built by Doyles in New Zealand - a tough Dacron sail with two reefs and full battens.

Our working Genoa is a 130% (80 sq. m) built by Rolly Taskers in Thailand.

Here is a shot of Rolly Tasker's sail loft in Phuket, Thailand. They produce an astonishing volume of quality sails from this loft, and are currently planning a move to a new loft, much bigger, being built just down the road.

Here's the 130% Genoa Rolly Tasker built for us. We have a 100% Genoa that came with the boat, but felt that this would be too small for light airs (Jocara has a short mast).

Rolly Tasker offered a partial sponsorship, so we had his loft in Phuket, Thailand build one for us with their logo on it. It came out in a beautiful cream Dacron, is about 80 sq. m, and pulls like a train in 5-20 knots of wind without reefing. Here you can see it flying when we were unable to set the main, due to the broken boom that you can see lying on the doghouse in the foreground. The Genoa looks rather high-cut, which helps keep the water out of the sail when taking a deep roll. It also means that we have a hard time finding a good point, far enough back on the boat, to sheet it.

You can see the partially-furled (to avoid blocking the Genoa downwind) staysail in the image above. It helps improve the slot between Genoa and main and balances the boat on the helm, but provides little drive itself. It is also useful in heavy air when we put the Genoa away altogether.




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