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Coffee Pot

This is a truly vital piece of equipment, the cofee pot! I simply don't function until about the third cup in the morning. We do have a full-on 'Jura' expresso machine that grinds beans and steams milk, computer-controlled, the works. But it guzzles power and needed servicing when we left so we reluctantly went back to basics; the French Press and an Italian aluminium expresso percolator.

Most important of all is the coffee that goes in it. I won't take so-called 'instant'. It has to be freshly-ground.

Spinelli Coffee Company in Singapore were gracious enough to sponsor us 15 kg of freshly-roasted coffee from their roasting facility in Singapore. Believe me, this is some of the very best coffee on the planet! I used to frequent their coffee outlet on the NUS campus; a place to relax and enjoy great coffee where no-body would bother me. My favourite Spinelli Coffee Company bean is still the 'House Blend', but they're all excellent! Fuel for thought! This is the elixir that drives the night watch and gears me up in the morning.

Even the kids are getting into it...



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