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Our stove on board Jocara is sponsored by Techimpex (Italy). It has 3 burners and an oven with a grill. Techimpex (Italy) make a range of superb quality stainless steel marine stoves, with even the burners and controls made from stainless steel. Most companies use mild steel for burners that are usually the source of premature failure even when the stainless steel stove itself is still fine. Another special thing about stoves on sailing boats is that they are gimballed, they can swing to port and starboard. This is an absolutely necessary feature as during passages the boat may be at a heel for weeks on end. During our passage to the Sunda Strait we sometimes heeled over 25 or even 30 degrees, which made life very hard, but we could still cook!

We use our stove a lot; day in day out, breakfast, lunch and dinner. So far, with great results, we've baked bread, rolls, pizza and bread pudding in the oven.



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