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Davits (& other custom marine hardware fabrication)

We had a set of davits (a stainless steel frame bolted onto the aft deck) when we bought the boat, but we greatly expanded their functionality with the help of Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore, who partially-sponsored much of the metal fabrication work we did on Jocara to prepare her for this trip.

The davits now serve several functions:

  • Dive tank storage
  • Radome mount
  • National flag pole
  • Solar Panel mount
  • GPS antenna mounts
  • Outboard motor storage mounts
  • Dinghy storage
  • Satellite receiver platform (unused)
  • Awning support
  • Clothes-line
  • Climbing frame
  • Shampoo & aft shower stand
  • you get the idea...
The upgraded davits return from Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd for remounting on Jocara...

...and now they serve many purposes! Note the satellite platform (unused) on the left, the dive tanks below, the solar panel on top, the radome mast to the right, the outboard (under a green cover) at the bottom right, the dinghy supports behind and the washing on the line. They also support our National Flag, kindly donated by the British High Commision in Singapore at the outset of our journey.

Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd also engineered the platform that mounts the The Watermaker Store (USA) generator and Bauer dive compressor so that they can be driven from the same Kubota deisel engine.

Here our good friends at Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd pore over the electromagnetic clutch adaption on the Bauer dive compressor, housed in the compartment under the cockpit. Not everything works first time, or second, or third... but the key is not giving up!

The bowcam housing that Techmaster Engineering Pte Ltd built for us.





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