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  • Education

    To offer materials to enrich the educational experience of Singaporean children by providing a virtual presence in these remote and beautiful locations. This website provides rich, creative materials applicable for generating courseware for a great variety of subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, oceanography, geography, arts and cultural studies. Visit the MoE site to see more about their projects.

    Before we started our journey, students from 8 schools in Singapore came to visit Jocara to view the boat and establish a connection with the expedition and crew. JIOQ also invites students in the countries we visit to come on board Jocara to widen their horizons, learn a little about marine ecology and our mission. View a list of our visitors to date.

  • Research

    To contribute to marine environmental research in remote areas that are under-represented and in which some of the greatest marine riches are to be found yet remain poorly surveyed. We will achieve this objective by

    • Conducting research projects in conjunction with our Singapore-based partners (such as the two air sampling projects for persistent organic pollutants and microparticles far from local sources
    • Projects with local researchers/organisations in Rodrigues, Tanzania, Seychelles and Maldives
    • Opportunistic surveying and reporting of marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles and reef surveys in remote locations.

  • To create an extended awareness about the astonishing beauty and diversity of marine life, the plight of so many species, the dangers of over-fishing and pollution, the impact of global warming and other threats by means of a series of articles in Asian Geographic Magazine and this globally-accessible website updated regularly with diaries, information and images, in addition to numerous lifestyle magazine and newspaper articles, radio and tv apearances.
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