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Si Ling Primary - Sleepover

Si Ling Primary Cultural Exchange

On Friday the 9th I went to have a sleepover at Lester’s house (a Singaporean kid). I first went to his school because it was a schoolday. The school started at one o’clock an ended at six thirty.
When I left my boat I felt very nervous about going to Lester’s house. When I arrived at the school my mom and I went into a room where we waited for the classes J3 and F5. I went to F5 and my brother went to J3. In my class we first had an introduction to all the children including me. After that I had to stand up in front of the class and draw my boat. Then a different teacher came and talked all about smoking. After that the maths teacher came and we did a math game. Soon afterwords recess of about 15 minutes, following which came science where we learned about starch in food. Then we had PE where we practised for the sportsday or something. Then the children had their mandarin class or something and Mr. Lim and I walked around the school.
Finally when the school ended a whole bunch of people came and asked for my autograph and my e-mail. Finally when it stopped I followed Lester to his house where we soon afterwards went to dinner at a hawker stall where we had chicken rice and kai lan and cuttle fish. After dinner the family had to go to church while Lester and I went to the Bugis arcade to play games.
Then we went back to Lester’s house to wach Troy. After that we went to bed………When we woke up we went to the prata shop for breakfast, at the prata shop I had one big square banana prata while Lester han one big rectangular prata and his dad a tiny round plain prata. Soon afterwards we went for lunch close by the school, but then I wasn’t so hungry. After that Lester, my mom and I went to our boat. Lester could sadly not sleep over because his mum didn’t allow him, so he had to go back home after he saw the boat.


I woke up on Friday and I remembered that I was going to Si Ling Primary school. I was excited because I was also going to a sleepover at Joel's house with another boy called Ernest. I liked the school, but I didn't like the hours they went to school, because it was from 1 o'clock to 6:30. Then we went to dinner. We went for sushi and I really enjoyed that dinner!!! Then we went to Joel's house. There we played starcraft. Then we went to bed, but I couldn't sleep.

When Joel and Ernest came to sleepover at my boat they were very excited. First we went to the Youth room which is a computer place. Then we went to West Coast Park. It was fun! We played in the sand and made a huge sand castle. It had tunnels and walls and mountains of sand.



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