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Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education

"The Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore partners Dr. John Potter, Caroline Durville and their sons Casper and Alex to create opportunities for learning and a virtual experience of the journey they will take as they sail the Indian Ocean on their sailing vessel ‘Jocara’.

Students from eight primary and secondary schools* in Singapore will be following ‘Jocara’ as she embarks on this exciting trip to the Indian Ocean. This is an educational and exciting project that brings learning beyond the classroom. Students will embark on projects that explore the rich biodiversity of the Indian Ocean. They will also discover the applications of science in real-life research, sailing and navigation. Through the students’ interaction with the family, students will be exposed to the interesting cultures of the various destinations that ‘Jocara’ will be visiting. "

*The eight Singapore schools are: Beatty Secondary, Cedar Primary, Catholic High (Secondary), Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary, Naval Base Secondary, Peirce Secondary, Ping Yi Secondary and Si Ling Primary.

Voyage Indian Ocean: Learning Adventure!
(URL -

This is a website done for Singaporean students from primary and secondary schools. It aims to provide students with interesting and meaningful resources about the islands in the Indian Ocean, marine life and the Jocara expedition.

The Voila! website features the following sections:

  • Explorer's Diary - features up-to-date articles, interviews and emails from the Potter family as they travel in the Indian Ocean
  • Life on a Boat - contains a virtual reality tour of Jocara and introduces to students the features of a sail boat that allows for survival in the sea
  • Island Hop - provides information about the destinations that the Potter family will be visiting
  • School Projects - introduces the projects that each of the 8 participating schools will be doing in relation to the Potter family's expedition
  • Gallery - showcases students' written and creative works


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