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Cocos (Keeling)

The big shallow lagoon of South Cocos (Keeling) is bordered by various low palm covered islands. On Home Island lives the Malay community, consisting of about 400 people. The Austalian community (150 people) live on West Island. A ferry service runs between the 2 islands a couple of times every day. Cruisers hang out in the sheltered anchorage at moon-shaped Direction Island in the Northeast.

The colors of the water over the different depths in the lagoon are stunning.

Direction Island anchorage:

12°05.46'S, 96°53.00'E

Coming into this anchorage is impressive. After the deep ocean it looks shallow indeed. The approach is from the south, a marker with an orange buoy marks the southern end of a shallow. The water is so clear that it is quite breathtaking to come in over the reef with only 3 m depth under the keel. There is place for many boats in the shallow sandy bay that is well protected. Ashore is a hut with signs of all the cruising boats that have visited and tanks with rainwater.


The anchorage at Direction Island

The hut where cruisers leave their 'mark'

The view from the hut

All rubbish is to be burned or recycled



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