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Bay Ambavanibe :
12°03.5'S, 49°11.5'E

Nosi Valiha :
12°23.7'S, 48°42.3'E

Nosi Tanga :
12°26.4'S, 48°42.7'E

Mandazona Island :
12°28.0'S, 48°42.3'E

Nosi Mananono :
12°27.5'S, 48°39.2'E


Since the cyclone season had already started we spent only a few days in Madagascar. We had time only to see the most northwestern tip of this enormous island. Our impression was of going back in time millions of years. The landscape looked ancient and it seemed deserted. We didn't see any people, not even fishing boats. Here are a few images.

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