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Places | Rodrigues | Jefferson

Jefferson: a kid in Rodrigues
By Casper

Jefferson lives with his family in a white concrete house up on one of the hills behind Port Mathurin. All the houses in Rodrigues are low because of the cyclones. To get to his house you have to walk about 10 minutes on a path from the road. His house is right next to the neighbors house and he has lots of animals like chickens, goats and pigs. The hill where he lives has some fruit trees like banana trees and this weird green fruit hanging of a tall tree.

Jefferson is 12 years old and he has a little brother of one and a half years. He has his own room and his own goat. His father was born in Rodrigues and has lived there ever since. Jefferson goes to school at 7:15 and gets home at 2:45. But when we were in Rodrigues it was the school holidays. He spends most of his free time playing soccer with his friends and that is what he likes doing the most. He also likes watching TV and is very friendly. I sometimes couldn’t really understand what he was saying because he doesn’t speak English that well. All kids learn English in school and can understand it, but they cannot speak it very well. They also learn French at school and at home they speak Creole.


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