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Cousin Island Wardens
by Alex

One day we went to Cousin island. Cousin island is a reserve where they have wardens. Wardens are there to protect the reserve and to monitor the animals and they take people around the island.

When we went on the tour on Cousin island we had a guide (warden & guide) called Catherina. When we were doing the tour she told us a lot and she was friendly. She told us about some sticky seeds on the ground that birds get stuck in their feathers when they try to find some food. They can also get the seeds by crash-landing like tropicbirds do.

Catherina learned how to catch birds. She holds the birds by their neck between two fingers so the bird can’t hurt her as you can see on the photo. If she finds a bird that has these seeds she has to take the seeds out of the wings because they are so sticky that if you leave them the birds can’t fly. And if they can’t fly they can’t get their food and they will die. So, that’s why she always takes the seeds out of their wings. But she does not take the seeds off their heads because that would just hurt. I also helped take some seeds out of the feathers as you can also see on the photo.

After the tour, I had an interview because I wanted to know more about being a warden. This was the interview.

Catherina, warden

Alex: Catherina, where do you come from?
Catherina: From Mahé island, I’m Seychellois.

Alex: What got you interested in being a warden?
Catherina: I enjoy nature.

Alex: How long have you worked as a warden?
Catherina: About three years.

Alex: Do you like being a warden?
Catherina: Yes, very much. We sign a contract for two years and this is the second time I signed a contract.

Alex: What do you do as a warden?
Catherina: I guide people around the island and protect the island and also monitor the animals.

Alex: What is your favourite animal on Cousin island?
Catherina: The sea turtles that come to nest on our beaches.

Alex: Do you live on the island?
Catherina: Yes I do, but once every two weeks I can go back home for the weekend and sometimes I go shopping on Praslin island.

I also found out a bit more about how to become a warden. There isn’t really a warden training school. Most wardens have been to the Hotel School where they learn all sorts of things. When they are a warden they learn how to do the things a warden needs to do like:
- Monitoring the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) on the island
- Guided tour for tourists and local people
- Maintenance of equipment
- Scientific Research - Assisting scientists
- Diving for monitoring reef fishes and corals
- Beach Patrol
- Awareness
- Sea turtle monitoring (nesting)
- Networking

I think being a warden could be fun and interesting and I also think that its good that there are wardens to help the environment.



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