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Sunda Straits

The Sunda Strait is located between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra and is our gateway to the Indian Ocean. The area has many volcanoes and from our anchor place in Merak, on one very clear day, we could see at least four. One of them, Rakata, is the remnant of Krakatau, which erupted so famously in August 1883. Merak was completely destroyed by a tsunami caused by the eruption and only 2 of its 2,700 inhabitants survived the enormous wave.


P. Rakata anchorage:
6°08.69'S, 105°25.72'E

The anchorage at Pulau Rakata is almost under a sheer cliff. It is very steep to and we anchored only 50 m off the beach in 30 m of depth.

Anak Krakatau anchorage:
6°06.01'S, 105°25.99'E

In calm weather we anchored just off the beach at the forested part. Good holding in sandy bottom. A shelter and sign are visible ashore. This beach gets used by fishermen who make camps on the beach. A path through the forest starts at the shelter.

We hiked to the top of Anak Krakatau. To read about that and see the images, click here.

Ujung Kulon World Heritage Site

Ujung Kulon anchorage:
6°44.82'S, 105°13.54'E

A truly wild and uninhabited place. We spotted a small construction ashore and anchored between that and some rocks. When we went ashore we found next to the hut a shelter that had information signs. Our anchor spot turned out to be an excellent starting point for a fantastic hike though the far corner of this pristine park.

An unforgettable hike

We were anchored just off the beach by Cibom where there is a shelter with information. We discovered we could do a hike of about 10 km over varied terrain. This walk was fabulous.

Cibom to Tj. Layar - This trail is 1.2 km follows the coastline through beautiful forest to the lighthouse. Not 5 mins. on our way we saw a pair of huge hornbills. Five people live at the lighthouse and they were very friendly. They invited us to climb to the top of the lighthouse and offered us sweet tea. The lighthouse looks rather flimsy and rusted, but the view from the top is spectacular.

Tj. Layar to Ciramea - This 5 km trail continues to follow the coastline. First by the old destroyed lighthouse and then along rocky coastline and wild wave and windswept beaches. We found good cowrie shells here.

Ciramea to Cibom - From the shelter at Ciramea a trail of 2.5 km runs through pristine forests back to Cibom. We saw and heard many hornbills. There were many unidentified noises and we'd like to think we heard a rare Javanese rhino.

A few images from the hike.


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