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Places | Tanga, Tanzania| Popatlal Secondary School

Visiting Popatlal Secondary School
By Casper
The morning after the day that kids from Popatlal Secondary School came to visit Jocara, I woke up and remembered that I made an appointment with them to go to their school for one day. When I got to the gate of the yacht club where we stayed there was nobody there until quite late. Finally one of the kids from yesterday came and picked me up on a motorbike and we drove off to Popatlal. On the way he told me that you only had to be 16 to ride a bike, and also that he thought that I would be at the gate of their school at 7:15. But we weren’t late anyway because there was assembly which we didn’t join.

When we finally got into class there were 40 pupils. The first lesson was History from a teacher whom I couldn’t understand a word from even though he spoke English. After that we had a 3 hour or so break which included recess, religion for Christians which we didn’t join and the rest was because the timetables were messed up. There was probably another reason which was that most of the pupils got kicked out because they hadn’t paid their school fees. In that 3 hour break we mostly hung around the class where there was a terrible smell of urine because we were right next to the toilet. The school was also full of rubbish everywhere. The classes were totally blank except for the desks, tables, board and chalk.

When the time came to go to the school canteen we got permission from the headmaster to go out of the school and have a bite somewhere else. When we (the kid with the bike and I) got to the place for lunch we each had a juice and a snack which for me was a cheese thingy. After that we drove back to the school and got into class. A teacher came and he taught us literature, but most of the time was spent asking me questions about our trip and so on. After that we had another long break which wasn’t as long as the previous one but still it was plenty of time. Kids from other classes came and surrounded me and started fooling around with me. For example one of them said that he wanted to come with me on my boat and stuff like that. When some people walked past the door of the class they stared at me as if they had never seen a white human in their life before. Then finally the biology teacher came and started talking about rocks and how you classify them with all these complicated words I had never heard of before. It was about volcanic rocks and erosion and crystals and basalt and all these kinds of things. And then the bell rang and all the pupils crowded around the bicycle rack to collect their bicycles and their scooters.

When my classmate and I were off to the yacht club I asked him if he could drop me off at Nina’s house, a friend of my brother, and I thanked my classmate for everything and went off to play. It was interesting to visit the school, but I was glad I was just visiting for one day.


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