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Places | Tanga, Tanzania

Tanga, Tanzania

Tanga anchorage:
05°03.5'S, 39°07.1'E

This was a well protected anchorage in good holding right in front of the Tanga Yacht Club.


The Tanga Yacht Club is a very friendly place and we had many a meal and a game of pool here. This is also where we were able to leave the boat for a week when we went inland for a safari and up Mount Meru. Peter, who works at the yacht club and his brother looked after the cats and watched the boat at night.

It was about a 20 minute walk or a short dalla dalla ride into town where we could find banks, the market, small supermarkets and small hardware stores. We did a lot of reprovisioning here and apart from the usual staples were able to buy frozen meats and local cheeses.

Alex went two whole weeks to the Tanga International School (TIS) where he joined his friend Nina's class and enjoyed it very much. He's written about his experience which you can read here.

Casper visited a very different school, Popatlal, for a day and wrote about his experience.

Through our Tanga friend Birgit we got to hear about Coelacanth catches in the Tanga area. We visited the Tanga Coastal Zone Conservation and Development Programme to find out more and viewed a real Coelacanth in their freezer. We agreed that we would publish a web page about the Tanga Coelacanths to get their information out. View this page here.

Here are a few images from our time in Tanga.

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