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Places | Zanzibar, Tanzania| Dimbani School

Visiting Dimbani School
By Casper

One day we had students from the Dimbani village school come over to see our boat. We showed them around and told them all the usual things. When we were finished showing them around they invited us over to their school for a day.


We were told that we should be there at 10 O’clock. When we arrived we found all the children playing in the field because it was break time. A teacher came to greet us and asked if we were the visitors that they were expecting and we said “yes”. First of all we went to the headmaster’s office where we signed the visitors book. Then he showed us all around the school.


This is the headmaster who showed us around the school. He is a very friendly guy and he offered us some coconut when we sat in his office. All the teachers and students are black here because this is a local Zanzibarian school. Most people in Zanzibar are muslims and this is a muslim school.


The school also had a lot of plants like maize and coconuts and some other things that I don’t know the names of. When we wandered around the school they showed us all the classes. Most of the classes were primary school and I think that some were secondary. I’m not sure because I could not understand them very well. Their local language is Swahili and they don’t speak English very well.


This is one of the classes that we visited. Each class has I think about 40 children in it. I can see that they don’t do a lot of art because the classroom is totally blank except for the black board. Some children asked us some questions like what is your name and started giggling.


This is a picture taken from the field of the school. The school isn’t very large, it’s basicly a few long buildings with a toilet and a field. At the school it is very hot because they don’t have air conditioning, not even a fan. It doesn’t rain at all here this time of the year, except maybe every now and then a little drop.


After that we went to the staff room and we drew a picture of the boat and answered a few questions. They also gave us a present, which was a bag with two cut coconuts in it and they said that it was for our parents. There were quite a few teachers in the school and I asked them how many students there were in the school and they said 400 students.


These are the teachers in the school. Most of them we didn’t get to know but some we did. There was also a computer room where they had one very old computer which had almost nothing on it and a printer which they said was broken and which I fixed by pulling out a stuck bit of paper. We also agreed that the teachers would come the next day to visit our boat because the students had found it really interesting.


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