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Places | Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Stone Town anchorage:
06°09.9'S, 39°11.1'E

There was no good anchorage, it was rather exposed to wind and wave.

In Menai Bay

Dimbani anchorage:
06°26.4'S, 39°27.4'E

Dolphin watch anchorage:
06°28.8'S, 39°29.1'E

Stone Town

It's fun wandering around the old narrow streets of Stone Town. Much of it was built by Arab and Indian traders in the 19th century. At first sight most buildings look so dilapidated and moldy, but after a better look you start to see more and more treasures. One interesting feature of the bigger houses is their impressive wooden doors. Efforts are being made to save the old architecture. Stone Town also still has a bustling old dhow port.

Menai Bay

Menai Bay is a large bay in the southwest of Zanzibar and the home of bottlenose and humpback dolphins. The dolphin watch tourism is very popular and the question is whether it's sustainable. JIOQ spent nearly 3 weeks observing and filming the dolphins and tourists. This was a project in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Science and the Menai Bay Conservation Area with the purpose of providing them with material for creating educational videos. Information about the project and our findings can be found on the Menai Bay Dolphins page.

Most of the time Jocara was anchored in front of Dimbani, one of the villages where the dolphin watch trips start. The village was very picturesque and the villagers very friendly. We had the impression the bay was very productive and saw many fish jumping from the water. We saw some reasonably healthy reefs and during one dive were lucky enough to see a very large potato grouper hiding under a ledge.


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