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Sponsors | Dexteritas

Dexteritas (Echopilot)

Dexteritas Pte Ltd,  the proud local partner of Echopilot, is specialized in High-Tech equipment for the marine industry within Asia Pacific, and a One-Stop-Shop for all electronic and electric needs for local as well as visiting boat owners.

Echopilot is the only manufacturer of real time sonar for leisure boats in the world. The Wreckfinder is a special version of our forward sonar. It incorporates military mine hunting techniques and is able to take a judgment about targets on the sea bed and give a probability as to whether they are wrecks or natural features. The Wreckfinder can look 150 metres ahead of the boat to give a 2D profile and sideways it can draw a 3D picture also to 150 metres.

"We wish Jocara and her skipper and crew fair winds and following seas, a successful expedition and save voyage back to Singapore waters."

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