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Are We Living Better While We are Living Longer?  
In the twentieth century, the average life span increased by 30 years. At the same time, health problems associated with normal aging continually increased. So we’re living longer, but are we living better?
Start taking care of your health now and really live those extra 30 years. Eating a well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health. However, eating right does not guarantee that the body will receive all of the nutrients it needs. Learning the nutritional needs of the body will help you understand how supplementation can ensure the body receives the correct amount and consistent levels of nutrients. Click here for details.

In order for each of us to reach our peak level of health, and to maintain it throughout our lives, we need to start with a firm foundation of basic nutrition. Science has discovered that this foundation is comprised of antioxidants, micronutrients, and macronutrients – compounds essential to optimal health.
Even if we manage to eat a well-balanced diet, getting all the micronutrients we need is difficult. That’s why Pharmanex has created a comprehensive micronutrient supplement that provides optimal levels of important vitamins and minerals, as well as a comprehensive arsenal of antioxidants, making LifePak® superior to any other supplement available. Click here for details.
Other Pharmanex Products
Today’s lifestyles put more demands on our bodies than ever before. Environmental pollutants, work pressures, and daily demands constantly increase, so our bodies require extra nutrition that is targeted to specific needs. The Pharmanex® Solutions™ line includes products that have been carefully designed to meet your exact self-care needs. Each product is researched to include only the purest, highest quality ingredients in safe, optimal amounts. For details please visit

Exclusive Pharmanex 6S Quality Process

To ensure the products’ highest safety, efficacy and quality, Pharmanex adopted the 6S Quality Process which including six different steps:

Selection: Each ingredient Pharmanex selects for use has met strict standards for efficacy, safety, and quality.

Sourcing: Once the active ingredients and specific species are identified, Pharmanex's sourcing experts investigate potential commercial sources worldwide.

Structure: Our scientists analyze the chemical structures of each part of a plant. Test are carried out to understand the active constituents and to determine what levels of active ingredients are most efficacious.

Standardization: Pharmanex pays excruciating detail to the manufacturing process, so that each product consistently contains the same amount of each active ingredient, every time.

Safety: Through every step of development, Pharmanex scientists follow a regimen to ensure all ingredients are safe, and an ingredient can be rejected at any stage of the process if any unsafe compounds are found.

Substantiation: At Pharmanex, our product claims are substantiated by documented pre-clinical and clinical studies carried out by Pharmanex Scientific Advisory Board and other affiliates, including some of the most respected minds in science.
The Measurable Difference            
Now, more than ever, your health can be measured by utilizing the aid from the BioPhotonic Scanner. This is the best tool to be used in measuring your skin carotenoid score after consumption of Pharmanex product. This will help you to witness the Measurable Difference through Pharmanex health supplement. For more information, please visit

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