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Welcome to the JIOQ section of the site!

These pages are loaded with information about Jocara Indian Ocean Quest, a 13 month long sailing voyage around the Indian Ocean packed with adventures and discoveries. In this section you can find information about the places we visited, the marine research we did, local projects and educational exchanges.

There is also a journal (which we call chatty log) with images of our daily lives during the trip. Click on Chatty log and you'll find a table with links to the various logs and projects. And there's an archive of Newsletters that we sent out by email over HF radio from the boat every 7-10 days.


Quick links to logs from Africa (Jan 05) to Singapore
30 Aug. Jocara is back in Singapore!    
Aug. 2005 How does the temporary mast hold up during the long passage to Langkawi? Then there's the last log of the short, but not easy, passage back to Singapore.
Aug. 2005 A yard at 'dustbin' island builds a temporary mast for Jocara, whilst the crew zooms back and forth on ferries to Malé to find needed parts.
July 2005
From paradise to hell! First our engine seizes on the way to Gan. Then after recovering we get dismasted by a squall. Then it's a long struggle to get a temporary mast build in Malé. It's all in the logs + a personal account of the dismasting by Casper
June 2005
Chagos, cruiser's paradise! Read about our passage to Chagos, the chatty log and Chagos info page. There's also a new research page about underwater fluorescence.
chatty log
Chagos info
Seychelles update - bursting with new stuff on turtles, hatchlings, Cousin island nature reserve, & more.. & the usual chatty log & updated places info.
Lots of great new stuff on a faster-loading site! Check out the guestbook, new places/projects, Zanzibar chatty log & the Dolphin project pages.
Feb. 2005
See the page on the discovery of Tanga Coelacanths!
Feb. 2005
See the Tanga page
Jan. 2005
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